• WelcomeOur School Elevation
  • WelcomeOur School Elevation
  • NCC CampOur Students in Independence Day Celebration
  • Computer LabWell equipped computer lab with centralised Air Conditioned
  • LIMCAWorld Peace Logo formation
  • LIMCAWorld Peace Logo formation
  • YOGAPractising Yoga-Bhujangasana
  • CULTURALSOur Students Dancing Performance on our Sports day celebration
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“Education has to produce the perfect man sound in character, active in mind and strong in body”
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The Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist was established by the saintly priest Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco, in Italy, 1878. The school was built on 6th of February 1977 just accommodating 10 children in a small shed of the Parish church campus. Later nursery school in the convent. The sowing of the seeds in late 1970s has grown into a huge tree that acts in a beneficial manner to more than thousands of little children. The FUSCO’S Schools developed into two distinct branches, one in Anna Nagar and the other in Yagappa Nagar enroling considerable pupil, thereby witnessed a steady progress amidst all other schools in the Temple City.
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Our Holistic education finds meaning and purpose in life. Our diverse learning styles are person oriented education, life oriented education, value oriented education, Focus oriented education, skill oriented education, career oriented education etc. The Fusco's (Baptistine) Education strive to form well integrated Person's who'll transform today's society. Our students get best footing in life with our holistic Education.
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